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Riverside Hee Haw Videos and Pictures

Hello Riversiders!


The video’s and pictures for Hee Haw Riverside are now available to view online. Instead of streaming the entire show from start to finish, the acts are segmented into smaller groups. (Note that they are not in order of appearance on stage..) Once you click on the link below you will see the 2 files; one for the video’s and one for the pictures. Click on the thumbnail view in the upper right hand corner (next to the “sort by” arrow..) to see the list of acts. Click on any act to watch. Once that segment is over you can return to the list by clicking the back-arrow in the upper left hand portion of the video screen. If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to send an email to me.

Once again, on behalf of my dear friend, Lee Steels, ( alias “The Man of Steel) and I, thanks to everyone in the cast and all of the various crew members for making this show possible!! I have memories that will last a lifetime...

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