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Riverside Winter Season
Activity Newsletter!

Hi All,

    It's September! It is already time for the preseason announcements, can you believe it?

     Firstly, let me introduce myself, Sandy Clark. Rick and I have been coming to Riverside for 11 years. Eight of those years I have been an assistant to Dieter and Heather Euler. With their semi-retirement a new Activity Directorship Committee has been organized comprising of myself, Jim Ellis (our Head Chef), and our talented and faithful volunteer coordinators and their committees.

     For those of you new to Riverside we welcome your volunteer time, and encourage your suggestions and ideas! You are, for certain, the Magic that is Riverside!

     Let's see, the calendar is almost complete, entertainment is booked, grouped dinner themes are set, adventurous outings are scheduled.... Whew! Looks like we are ready for a fantastic 2015 Winter Season!

See You Soon!

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Riverside Fall Season
Activity Newsletter!

HI Everyone!!!

    I hope that everyone has had a great summer, survived the heat / cold / storms, rain on - rain off.

    Ian & I have been busy with the continuation of a new home, a small garden, a few new windows and new eavestrough. We are really looking forward to our three week trip to Nepal & North East India starting the first of October. This will be our third trip to India and our first to Nepal. A few days home and back to Riverside. Yea!!!!!

    Bonnie and Dave have spent their summer in Florida. Bonnie has had some surgery and is going through a course of chemo therapy. Her prognosis is good, however she is going to be continuing her therapy during the fall. Cards, emails and prayers are welcome at this time! (No phone calls please - she needs her rest).
She will be playing it pretty low key this I know I will be able to count on you, for lots of HELP!

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2014 Fall & 2015 Wintercalendar
Activity Calendars

Version 3 of the printed Fall Activity Calendar and Draft 14 of the printed Winter Activity Calendar are now available for viewing or downloading:

2014 Fall Activity Calendar (V3)

2015 Winter Activity Calendar (Draft 14)

There will be additional updates to the Winter Calendar. Fall Activities have been added to the online Activity Calendar. Winter activities will be added soon. Additional information on activities will be posted when it is available.