Monday 3rd Oct 2022

Park Update:

Dear Riverside Rv Resort Customers:

I wanted to give you all an update directly from the park management office. The damage from Hurricane Ian was very extensive on our park. At this time we have crews working on cleaning up debris and making the area safe for access. If you currently have a trailer on a site and would like to come in and attend to your rig you are welcome to do so in a safe matter. If you have your trailer in storage you won’t be able to access it yet. The office and the park is currently closed due to no electricity or water. We ask for you all to be patient with us as we navigate through this hard time. Reservations and cancellations will be taken care of as soon as we can get our systems back up we will reach out to all of you. Please do not reach out to our employees as they are all working as hard they can on getting their personal life’s in order. We are all doing good and in good health. We look forward to serving you all soon.

Sue Spalding
Park Manager

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Riverside Happenings
Fall/ Winter Newsletter

Hello y'all.  I hope you had a wonderful summer.  I've been busy planning a fun-filled schedule for Fall and Winter.   Ready to get excited?   Check out the list of big events below.  Of course, there will be so much more:  a slew of activities, food trucks, ice cream socials, drive in movies, regional parties.... And our generous Riversiders will once again help our local community with charity events, fundraisers, blood drives and more.   There is just so much to enjoy at Riverside!

Fall 2022

Winter 2023

If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email.  I'm really looking forward to enjoying a great season with all of you.

See you all soon at your winter home.... Riverside.

 Sandy Clark

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Snowbird City - Ever Heard of It?

Did you know there's actually a city called Snowbird? The average winter temperature is not conducive to a good tan😵

snowbird city

Snowbird City ~ Do you know where it's located?

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