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Concert - Paul Todd & Paul Todd Jr.


Paul Todd Concert

  • Thursday, January 26th, @ 7 p.m.
  • Riverside PAV
  • Tickets on sale during coffee on Tuesdays
  • Cost - $10

CLICK HERE for his Facebook page

Paul is most famous for his unique concerts.  The experience of this concert will be totally different from anything anyone has ever seen before.  His concerts include original, classical, popular, religious & Broadway selections.  Paul accompanies himself by playing six keyboards simultaneously.  His fingers and feet  move at lightening fast speed which the audience can see on a large mirror set up behind the keyboards.  Known also for his smooth and powerful vocals, he combines talent with sparkling wit to help make his concerts an unforgettable family out.  Paul entertains with his son, Paul Todd Jr., who is a gifted singer, songwriter & percussionist

   Thursday, January 26, 2023,   07:00pm  — 
   Location   Pavilion