Tuesday 21st May 2019

Riverside RV Resort - Newsletter
Winter 2019—Dec. 3 Revision

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say I can’t wait for Y’All to get back here to your Winter home. I have missed you!!

We have a lot of fun and exciting things to do this season. Sue, Karen, the staff and myself have been working to get everything ready for you here.

Dieter, MRHM (Mister Right Hand Man) has been hard at work on the Winter Calendar, Activities Coordinators’ List and Newsletter, getting them ready. Dianna from the office will be assisting me again this season. She is really a perfect addition to my team.

So I will be waiting for your arrival don’t forget to bring all of your partying items and attire. We will once again have an unforgettable season and make more memories.

See you soon -

Sandy Clark, Activities Director

Riverside’s Special Website for Campers
  1. It’s called riversidesnowbirds.com, and there you will find all information and details about all activities, events, clubs, dinner dances, cruise, trips, the Calendar, etc. etc. And much more ….

If you have never registered for this Snowbird website before, you should register for it and CREATE an account to access the website. Go to:


Look for:

  • left side bar - “LOGIN” box
  • select “Create an Account”
  • follow the instructions – supply the requested information

NOTE: ‘Confirm’ password, email – means – TYPE IT AGAIN -> Register

Do get into the habit of checking the riversidesnowbirds.com website daily smiley emoticon.

The other fantastic feature of this website is the automatic emails and information – called Notifications!  

B. Riverside Snowbirds “Notifications”

You will receive automatic email notifications from us. BUT – you must be signed up for them. Here’s how – be sure you are logged in to:

<http://www.riversidesnowbirds.com> (see A. above)

For first time ever “Notification” users:

  1.  (top menu) Go to:  Notifications – then choose “Subscribe”
  2.  Follow the instructions, and select the group(s) that you would like to  receive Notifications from.

We strongly suggest that you select “Snowbirds Alerts”, to automatically receive Riverside information in your personal email, that relates to the whole Park.

Printed Calendar

On the front page you will see a “normal calendar” with the monthly special, “one-time”, non-weekly events, such as our Dances, Blood Drive, Concerts, State and other Parties, Special Happenings, Ice cream Socials, etc.

On the back side of the page you will see the regular, weekly activities, such as bowling, cards, Church, exercising, etc. Also included are bi-weekly events, such as Book Club, JULIETs, dancing, classes, etc. with their actual dates beside them, e.g. Book Club (1/4, 18) etc.

Please NOTE:       

  1. The special, non-weekly events on the front page take precedence over the regular weekly events. Every precaution has been taken to avoid conflicts; everyone involved in the scheduling of the events has been notified, but sometimes a special last-minute change does come up.

  2. For any “impromptu” special events, meetings, rehearsals, etc., we ask that you also contact me, for availability.

To avoid conflicts, everything must go through my MASTER Calendar – NOT THE OFFICE.   Just because a place seems to be empty, somebody could be coming in shortly, so - to avoid any conflicts, problems, always please contact me, Dieter, NOT the Office, NOT Sandy, but me, Dieter – 863-558-3040, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Thanks.

Campers’ Directory

As always, there will again be a Riverside Campers’ Directory.  All entries are voluntary, but are most valuable in contacting Riverside friends. The Directory is ONLY for “Riversiders” who submit Directory information, and will be available mid - January. Detailed information and a link to the directory submission form will be sent out by Jim Williams, our “Computer Guru”. 

Note:   Everyone who wishes to be in the Directory, must fill out the directory submission form, even if you were in it the last year(s)!

Activities/Coordinators’ List – this is a list of all Coordinators for the different activities. It is found in your Directory. Please contact them for specific interest or information about an activity. It is also an alphabetical list of all activities, events, their dates and times.

Our “First Week”:

Our first Coffee Meeting will be TUE JAN 8, (we cannot get donuts New Year’s Day);
8:30 a.m. Coffee & Social & 50/50 draw; 9:00 announcements.
This is a weekly event where all announcements – and fun! - take place.

“Welcome Wine & Cheese” – Thu Jan 3; refreshments - courtesy Riverside/Encore; Appetizers - courtesy ‘y’all’; details at Coffee & on ‘riversidesnowbirds.com’.

Thanks to our wonderful Coordinators and their Assistants:

Jeanne Goodrich - Food, snacks, appetizers to share –
Bill Jorgensen – Wines & Sodas –

“Newcomers Orientation” – Thu Jan 10, 4-5pm AC; details at Coffee.

Ladies’ Bible Study - Diane Hutchins – 217-508-6770 - has organized this new initiative: Mon afternoons. You will be receiving more information at Coffee and on ‘riversidesnowbirds.com.

Social Dancing

There will be traditional social dancing (NO line dancing, please!) – this coming winter season on most THU evenings. Just like the Line and Country Dancers have their Saturday night dances, we will have some Thursday evening Social Dances – from 7 – 9 pm.                                                                                                                                          

Open to everyone – to come and dance or just to watch, and to enjoy the music provided by Jack Storm and Dennis Ard. 

Coordinators: Jack and Susan Storm – 440-823-2229
(aka Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!)

“Meet & Greet” at the “Lakes”

This is an OPEN invitation to ALL our Riverside family from your “cousins at the Lakes”. So, for Wed Jan 16, 3:30, please bring a kite and:

?"Let's go fly a kite! up to the Lakes party,
where the wind blows free
and all are welcome to be" ?

Ivy Smart and Ken Inglis

Our first Dinner/ Dance – Thu Jan 24. We always have a theme; this one is “Wide World of Sports”, so wear your favorite teams’ colors, hats, Tshirts , etc.! Dinner is provided (but bring your own table service); make or bring decorations galore; D.J., byob; details at coffee & on riversidesnowbirds.com’.

Fleamarket & Craft Sale– Sat. Feb 16 - ‘Of course there will be another Fleamarket & Craft Sale’, says our NEW coordinator, Audrey Vermont (em: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). (Sadly, Roy and Linda cannot be back at RVSide! Thanks so much, Audrey, for carrying on this fine tradition!), So remember to bring all your ‘treasures’ – to sell and to buy – and some ‘green backs’, too!   Details will be provided at Coffee, on signup sheets, and on riversidesnowbirds.com.

Barbershoppers’ Performance

Our very own Gene Gallucci (607-709-0216) is a member of the fabulous Suncoast Statesmen, a great Barbershop Group. They have delighted us before and will do so again!  They will be performing Sun March 24, 4:00 pm, in Punta Gorda. And as always, further information and details will be forthcoming.

Music Trivia – Thu Feb 21 - one evening event in the Pavilion

“Name That Tune”

This will be a contest to see who can name the song being played after a few starting notes. We will play songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70, 80’s and maybe some newer songs too. The participants will be everyone in the audience. If no one gets the name at first, a few more notes will be played. We will play the tune until someone in the audience remembers the name. Additional points will be given for the name of the artist and the year of release. The person with the most correct answers is the winner.  Jim Masterson #338; cell: 248-464-2606

Talent Show – newsletter2Fri Mar 1.

This year’s annual talent show is “Riverside’s Anything Goes”!!! (Remember, what happens at Riverside …smiley emoticon!!!) The key persons are our very own talented, enthusiastic Director/ Producer Diane Hutchins (217-508-6770) and a host of talented, wonderful support people! More info at Coffees, and of course: riversidesnowbirds.com.  Come and see another smash hit - FRI MAR 1!

Hot Wheels Car Race

Bring your Hot Wheel Car to Riverside Raceway Sun March 3, 2019.
The track will be up and running in the Pavilion so don't miss out on your chance to tear it up with fellow racers!   More information coming in January!  Get ready to Start! Your Engines! Vroom!  Vroom! 

Coordinator Russ Bolster 743-347-1942

Mardi Gras – Tue Mar 5

This year there will be NO Parade, BUT YES - a Happy Hour, then a Dance with a D.J. And of course – you may dress “Mardi Gras” style - dress as up or down as you wish – do real Mardi Gras imitations, or invent whatever theme you want! Bring stuff from home, too!

PARKWIDE YARD SALE – an experimental 1st … Fri Mar 8

The season will be winding down in March and you realize that you have been moving that old …… since January. Instead of throwing those seldom-used items away, why not sell them? Why make the park employees work to haul those things away when you can get your fellow campers to do it and give you a little cash.

There will be a park-wide yard sale this March to be held at your sites. Your trash might be someone’s treasure! Here are some details:

  • Riverside in-Park ONLY, sellers and buyers!
  • at your sites
  • full details to be announced at coffees, and on <riversidesnowbirds.com>

Mark Patton, Coordinator - #296, tel:    314-630-9699
Bill Papa, Co-coordinator - Site# G, tel:    618-917-2307

Concerts: by Don Paye, Chair, Concert Committee

Gospel Concert

Thanks to the suggestion and organization by Ken Maye, there will be another Gospel Concert, Sun Feb 10, 1:30 – 2:30 in the PAV with a ‘free love Offering”. Watch for further announcements, details reminders at Coffee and on riversidesnowbirds.com.


Friday, February 22, 2019   7:30 PM

“Comedy of two voices in one - MARK MERCHANT”

Mark Merchant has been talking to himself without moving his lips for years now. His world of comedy has been seen on “The David Letterman Show”, 2011 “America’s Got Talent”, and has headlined at casinos, conventions and luxury cruises for over 20 years. His ventriloquism skills have opened the shows for Tony Orlando, Tom Jones, Rich Little and rockers Sha Na Na. Merchant is a Man from the south who makes his living by not opening his mouth. His comedy is clever, clean and current.


A veteran in the world of stand-up, Maryellen Hooper’s comedy has taken her from clubs and colleges to theaters and television. She’s appeared on “The Dennis Miller Show”, “The Martin Short Show”, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and has had her own ½ hour special on Comedy Central called “Lounge Lizards”. Plus, she was awarded “Female Comedian of the Year” at the Comedy Awards.

A physical story teller, Maryellen’s act is an ever-evolving story about her life as a woman, wife and mother. Never crude or offensive, her accounts of life’s little annoyances leave audiences exhausted from laughter. From home repairs on her family’s ”Fixer Upper” to colicky babies, no story is too sacred to share with her audiences. “ Two Performances for only $10 per person


Music has always been a part of Kenny’s life. His grandmother, Irene, was a bluegrass musician and singer. As a child he sang in a quartet with his father, brother and younger sister. The Evans Family Quartet toured the southeast doing concerts at festivals, theatres and churches and also guest appearances with Archie Campbell at the live Hee-Haw theatre in Pigeon Forge, TN, Kenny’s current home. As he grew older he became an opening act for some of country music’s biggest stars including Kenny Chesney, Charlie Daniels, Lonestar, Sara Evans and Toby Keith.

Kenny is popular throughout Florida performing at places like the Port Charlotte Cultural Center, numerous RV Rallies, trade shows, conventions, RV Resorts and parks as well as being a gospel singer at many churches in TN and Florida. He plays the guitar while singing with a wonderful, strong voice.

The Show he will be performing here at “Riverside RV Resort” will be on Friday evening, March 8, 2019 at 7:30 pm.


Don Paye, Chair, Concert Committee

These are only a few of the highlights and new events – details and information on all of these will be provided by their coordinators – at Coffee, and, of course:  riversidesnowbirds.com

 Have a great 2019 Winter Season - y’all!!!!

Dieter Euler, Editor