Snowbird Activities

Fishing Charter

Fishing Charter

There are several charters set up in January for Riverside residents and guests. You are encouraged to use the sign-up sheets early in order to hold your seat on the boat. Sign-up sheets are located on the bulletin board in the breezeway.

Charters and open seats:

  • Capt Rick- Jan 8 (1 seat) Jan 15 (6 seats) Jan 22 (6 seats) Jan 29 (6 seats)
  • Capt Eric- Jan 18 (6 seats)
  • Capt Doug- Jan 10 (4 seats) Jan 20 (2 seats) Jan 25 (4 seats)

For more details come to the weekly FisHunT meeting Tuesdays at 4PM in the Pickleball Pavilion.


Need a Name Tag / Wear a Name Tag



South Florida Gas Co. RV Filling Program

If you would like your RV's LP tanks filled on site, South Florida Gas Company will be here every Tuesday. Use the Sign-up list in the office for Tuesday Delivery.  Pay them directly.  South Florida Gas

  • Cost = $4 per gallon 
  • Minimum = $20


Emergency Information

In Case of Emergency 

File of Life.png

CLICK HERE to print an Emergency Information Form to keep in your Rig. On this form list your home address & Riverside Site #, emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions, etc.  Update this form every 6 months & date it.

Many people keep this completed form on their refrigerator or somewhere safe where it can be quickly found.  Having this information available in an emergency could save your life.


Arcadia Center for the Needy
~ has so many needs ~

Can You Help

Yes You Can2You can help by donating: socks, diapers gloves, underwear, tarps, hats, Depends, baggies, paper lunch sacks. Their needs go on & on & on! 
Thank you for your generosity!

  • Furniture items are donated to Habitat for Humanity.. Please contact them directly at 863-494-6456.