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2019 Pickleball Schedule

We're getting ready for next season already!  Click on the link below to mark your calendar for 2019's Pickleball schedule.  It's never too early to plan for pickleball!

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2018 Pickleball Schedule

2018 Pickleball Schedule

 This schedule will also be posted @ the Pickleball courts. 


Riverside Pickleball

Philosophy / Objective:

The purpose of this activity is multi-faceted; it has a social interaction context, health benefits, and a friendly competitive structure at various skill levels.

In order to meet the physical demands of this activity which includes factors such as age, physical mobility, balance, endurance, eye/hand coordination, health issues, etc., etc., etc., we have proposed a guide which will help players self-evaluate their skill level in order to be proactive in reducing the risk of injury; as well as promote and enable proficient and equal level of play between players of the same skill level.

This Guide (Skills Ratings Description) should help players self-identify their placement in the appropriate new skill level groups: Beginner/Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced; as well as give them clear skill objectives to move up to a higher level.

This is a self-identifying tool and self-policing process; based on the reasonableness and common sense approach of the players. Sensitivity and respect should be used in application of this process.

Skill level joint sessions between groups has been included in the Riverside activities schedule (see schedule) which will creates the opportunity to test skills against a stronger skill level and promotes the movement towards that next level of skills set.

Note:  Visitors, family and friends that drop in and want to play should be placed at the appropriate skill level (group) as per the guidelines used for the regular players. Open sessions are also available for participation in this activity.

Link to Skill Levels Descriptions - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Link to Rating Descriptions - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

International Federation of Pickleball Official Tournament Rulebook

Riverside PickleBall Committee