Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday February 21st - Little Duffles (Suzanne)
  • Thursday February 23rd - Lunch at Mary Margaret's Tea Room (Arcadia)
  • Tuesday February 28th - Introduction to Machine Applique (Judy)
  • Tuesday February 28th - Mardi Gras Parade (coordinator needed)


Introduction to Machine Appliqué

The materials list for the machine appliqué class is as follows:

Fabrics - For each flower you will need:
Background-- 7 1/2" square
Flower-- Two 5" squares, one lighter and one darker
Leaves and stem-- 5" square
Center-- 1" square

Wonder Under-- 9" X 12" (will make several flowers)
Thread to match fabrics
Self threading needles
Machine with open toe foot
Light box (if you have one)