Winter 2022 Workshop Supply Lists

To download a PDF file with the supply lists and pictures for all four workshops, CLICK HERE.

To Be Taught by Suzanne Shelton

1/2 of a full jelly roll – OR - 26 2-1/2” strips
1 yard of plain or coordinating fabric for back, flaps, and pocket,
(Note: get 1-1/8 yard plain or coordinating fabric if using a one way/directional print)
Two coordinating buttons (3/4” and 1/2")

Apron in Blue    Apron in Pink  

To Be Taught by Chris Beadle
Size: Approximately 6 1/2” x 6 1/2”

5 design foundations (patterns will be provided) - Tomato, Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Watermelon

Fabric scraps for each veggie (for example, orange for pumpkin)
Approximately 3/4 yard fabric for binding*, backing and border
Heat resistant batting such as Insulbright

* Chris’ demo hot pads pictures do not have a binding. She chose to just turn them inside out, but binding was the original pattern suggestion

1/4 inch ruler used for foundation paper piecing (yet another tool to purchase – can you believe it!?)

  Pot Holders 1      Pot Holders 2

To Be Taught by Gail Frenz
Size: 62” x 74”

80 6” squares
1 yard accent fabric

Inner border (1” finished)
1/2 yard

Outer border (6” finished)
1-3/4 yards pieced - OR - 2 yards if you want it in one piece, cut lengthwise

1/2 yard

 X Quilt

To Be Taught by Suzanne Shelton
Size: (As shown) 62-1/2” x 62-1/2”

The beauty of 3 Dudes is you can make whatever size quilt you want from 2-1/2” strips.
If you want to use a jelly roll you can make a good size throw or a baby quilt.
If you use half a jelly roll or (20) 2-1/2” strips you can do a table mat or runners.
If you just have 2-1/2” strips that you have cut you can make whatever size.
The height of your strip set determines the size of your blocks.

If you wish to make the whole quilt as shown, you will need:
1 roll 2-1/2" graded strips (Note: Strips must be 44” – 45” long)
1 roll 1-1/2” dark strips (Note: Strips must be 44” – 45” long)

3/4 yard

4 yards

Suggestion: Google “Three Dudes Quilt” for color ideas

3 Dudes Quilt 1     3 Dudes Quilt 2


Sew-n-Sews Beautiful 2022 Raffle Quilt

Each year the Sew 'n Sews raffle off a quilt...well, the quilt is finished, but the auction will be next year.  
Mark you calendar for 2022!  This is the beautiful quilt you might win!

QUILT 20212


Surgical Hats for Pediatric Surgical Patients

Golisano Children's Hospital needs surgical caps for their pediatric surgical patients.  Sew-N-Sews are asking members to each make one surgical cap this summer, and bring it in the fall to donate to Golisano.  Instructions for making the surgical caps can be downloaded by clicking here:

Pediatric Surgical Caps Instructions