Bull's Eye Block Update

For those who signed up to sew Bull's Eye Blocks this summer, Dianne Michelson provided the picture below of her fabrics for the blocks cut into squares.  This is only one example of possible color combinations.  Remember that the background fabric should be a light cream/beige tone hand dyed batik ... no pattern, and NOT white.  The circles should also be hand dyed batiks, in a color combination (or combinations) that appeal to you.   A link to the instructions for making the Bull's Eye Block is provided in the article below. 

Bulls Eye Block 1


Bull's Eye Block - Summer 2017 Block

 To access the instructions to make the Bull's Eye Block, our 2017 Summer project, click on the link below:

Bull's Eye Block Instructions

The pictures below show examples of appropriate background fabrics for the background fabric:

 Summer Block Fabric 1

Summer Block Fabric 2

Summer Block Fabric 3