Tentative Winter 2018 Schedule

Jan 2nd (Tues) - Open sewing
Jan 5th (Fri) - Organizational meeting/open sew
Jan 9th (Tues) -  Snippets flower vase—Bonnie and Dianne
Jan 12th (Fri) - Embroidery/open sewing
Jan 16th (Tues) - Batik picture frame—Grace
Jan 19th (Fri) - Open sewing
Jan 23rd (Tues) - Bargello placemats (Nina)
Jan 26th (Fri) - Embroidery/*Bring bulls-eye blocks*
Jan 30th (Tues) - Bull’s eye block quilt—Dianne & Bonnie
Feb 2nd (Fri) - Work on Bull’s eye quilt
Feb 6th (Tues) - Sweatshirt cardigan—Joyce and Laura
Feb 9th (Fri) - Embroidery/open sewing
Feb 13th (Tues) - Jeans bag - Ivy 
Feb 16 (Fri) - ?Charity sew—Marg and Margaret?
Feb 20 (Tues) - Hostess towels--Gail
Feb 23 (Fri) - Embroidery/open sewing
Feb 27 (Tues) - Laurie’s microwave bowls—Laurie,Suzanne and Celia
March 2 (Fri) - ?Charity sew?-Marg and Margaret
March 6 (Tues) - Twirl and Swirl placemats—Suzanne
March 9th (Fri) - Open sewing
March 13 (Tues) - Luncheon and Show and Tell
Open sew after this until April??

- Class dates may change due to instructor availability
- Supply lists for Snippets and Bargello Placemats are provided in articles below
- Bring your Bull’s eye blocks in a zip lock bag with # and your name
- For Sweatshirt cardigan you need an oversize sweatshirt that is long enough, a pair of men’s jeans (used is fine), and a yard of fabric trim to match the color of your shirt and jeans

More info to follow - See Suzanne or Gail with questions


Sew-n-Sews Support SPARCC

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center

The Sew-N-Sews are again this year supporting the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) for Desoto and Charlotte Counties. Throughout the season we will be collecting personal toiletry items for the women, as well as diapers and wipes for the infants. Travel sized as well as full sized items will be provided for the 18 bed safe house. Up to 22 women and children are able to stay in their residential facility until they are able to find a safe and secure environment for their family. Sadly, they are full all of the time.

The Sew-N-Sews will be raising additional funds for our charity efforts through our quilt raffle, bingo ice cream sales and other events.

Thank you for your ongoing support. A box labeled "SPARCC" will be available at coffees and in the AC on Tuesdays and Fridays for your personal item donations.


Snippets Flower Vase - Jan 9th

Finished size: 24 by 22 inches

Fabric Requirements:
- Foundation: 1/2 yard of a light colored fabric that will be your background. This could be purchased by 2 people and be shared.
- Border: 1/2 yard
- Inside border if you choose: 1/4 yd
- Back: 3/4 yd of muslin (it's a wall hangings so no one will see the back)
- Batting: 25 x 23 inches
- Vase: 8 x 6 inches - choose a fabric that is plain - you don’t want a loud pattern that will conflict with your flowers.
- Foliage: Green 10 x 12 inches. If everyone brings shades of green then they can be shared to pick up depth.
- Flowers: Variety of 6 x 6 inches. Scraps of batiks or mini floral pattern (see pictures). The purple and the blue are cut up mini patterned fabric.
- Batiks: yellow / pinks / oranges / purple (Scraps)
- Steam A Seam 2: 1 yard
- Sharp scissors
- Thread to machine quilt

Snippets1  Snippets2 



Bargello Placemats - Jan 23rd

The Bargello Placemats class will be taught by Nina Gorak. The supply list for this project is as follows:

- 1/2 yard of five color/patterns or five coordinated/ complementary fabrics ranging from very light to very dark.  No stripes or fabrics that read as stripes (e.g., rows of large dots) Do not buy fat quarters as we need the full width of fabric

- 1 1/4 yard of backing (needed on the first day of project)

- 40" x 42" rectangle of batting.

- 1/2 yard of fabric for single thickness binding

- In addition to the items above, we will need a product called "quilt fuse." Nina will have that available so at the class, where we can purchase it from her for about $6

Please pre-wash fabrics. If you want to get a head start, cut six 2 1/2" wide strips from each of the five coordinated/complementary fabrics.

 Bargello Placemats


Bull's Eye Block - Summer 2017 Block

 To access the instructions to make the Bull's Eye Block, our 2017 Summer project, click on the link below:

Click Here for Bull's Eye Block Instructions

The pictures below show examples of appropriate background fabrics for the background fabric. Remember that the background fabric should be a light cream/beige tone hand dyed batik ... no pattern, and NOT white. 

 Summer Block Fabric 1 

 Summer Block Fabric 3

Here are some pictures Dianne Michelson provided of her fabrics for the blocks cut into squares.  This is only one example of possible color combinations. The circles should also be hand dyed batiks, in a color combination (or combinations) that appeal to you.

 Bulls Eye Block 1

Here are some pictures of the process of assembling the blocks. The first picture shows the FRONT of the 9.5 inch background square with the Large (8 inch) circle sewed onto it. The seam is inside the circle approximately 1/4 inch from the edge of the circle.

 Large Circle Front

The next picture is the BACK of the block with the background fabric cut out INSIDE the stitching line of the large circle, approximately 1/2 inch away from the stitching. Cutting out the fabric on the back reduces the BULK of the block. IF you did not cut, there would be 4 layers of fabric!

Large Circle Back

The next picture is the FRONT of the block with the Medium (6 inch) circle sewed on top of the Large Circle.

Medium Circle Front

Next is the BACK of the block again, with the center of the Large circle fabric cut out INSIDE the stitching line of the Medium circle, approximately 1/2 inch away from the stitching.

Medium Circle Back

 Next is the FRONT of the block again, with Small (4 inch) circle sewed on top of the Medium circle.

Small Circle Front

And finally, the BACK of the block one more time with the Medium circle fabric fabric cut out INSIDE the stitching line of the Small circle, approximately 1/2 inch away from the stitching.  At this point the block is finished!

Small Circle Back