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TOPIC: CenturyLink

CenturyLink $49. 7 months 1 day ago #1

I talked to a Century Link rep, who told me that the service would now be $49.  I told him that we had the $45 price for life.  He then told me to call their retention services, which I did. They then took $5 off and it is now $44.They also told me that it doesn't matter if you are on "vacation hold" or not. So this year when we leave, we will shut down the service.

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CenturyLink 7 months 6 days ago #2

John, ...

This is the contact information on my last bill  --  Payments/Billing/Products/Services: 1-800-201-4099  (Our Customer Service Representatives are available from 8am--6pm Monday through Friday.).

For internet services, I also see this phone number on the CenturyLink website:  1-866-642-0444

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CenturyLink 7 months 6 days ago #3

Telephone number for Century Link

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CenturyLink 7 months 1 week ago #4

We've used CenturyLink since Fall 2013 for our internet at Riverside.  We always "close the service" at the end of each season.  We've never put the service on suspension.  To close the service last April 2nd, I did everything using the CenturyLink online Chat service.  Using Chat has the benefit of being able to receive (via email) a transcript of what you did with CenturyLink at the end of the Chat. 

Here's what I told the Chat agent:  "I'm a Florida Snowbird CenturyLink "Price for Life" internet customer. Been with CenturyLink since 2013 for internet only in our RV at the campground at which we winter. We're ready to return home again to Canada effective April 2, the last billing date of our current CenturyLink internet billing cycle. As such, I'd like to stop our service on April 2 and we'll restart it again, as we've done every year for the last 5 years, in late October."

Yesterday, upon our return to Riverside for our 2019-2020 season, back I went onto the CenturyLink online Chat.  Everything with the Chat went very well.  Our service should be reinstated effective Monday.  And, Jim is correct, the rate is $49.00/month for the "Price for Life" plan this winter.

P.S.  Always refer to the Account number you started out with originally when working with CenturyLink to stop or start service.  "Closing the service" is just that, the service closes but not the account.  The account goes into a type of "inactive" status for the period during which you don't have the internet service but all aspects of it re-activate when you reinstate service the next season.

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CenturyLink 7 months 1 week ago #5

A CenturyLink update.  The price has gone up to $50 this year and the bonded 20 Mb service is not available to anyone that doesn't already have it (they only have limited facilites available in the park) but the 10 Mb service will meet most needs.

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CenturyLink 7 months 1 week ago #6

Yeah Jim, I kind of went thru the same thing with them 2 years ago.  When I called to cancel, they tried to get me to just put my account on vacation hold and pay them 10 bucks a month while away.  I explained to them that I was in an RV park and wasn't guaranteed the same site next year so I couldn't do that (I was returning to the same site but they didn't know that).  Anyway, the rep I spoke with told me I didn't have to be at the same address and offered to just apply a credit to my account that would offset the suspension charges for the 6 months we weren't there so I agreed.  BAD MISTAKE!

About 4 months into the suspension, I started getting billed.  I called Centurylink and evidently, the rep I spoke with that set this all up, can not only do basic math but went against the rules as well by doing what she did.  The credits she gave me were already used up and I was now being billed for a service I wasn't using for the next two months.

After a couple calls, escalations, and hours on the phone, they finally agreed to suspend the charges until we returned with the understanding that this was not allowed going forward.

I think all of us love to get a customer service rep that wants to go the extra mile for a customer but in this instance, it was more hassle than I wanted.  I also just cancel now and sign back up the following year.  Already have our install setup the day after we arrive.

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CenturyLink 7 months 1 week ago #7

This will be my 3rd year with Centurylink at Riverside.  I bought my modem thru them and it was 100.00.  I have an Actiontec C1900A which is good for both 10 and 20 meg (bonded) service.

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CenturyLink 7 months 2 weeks ago #8

Oct 18, 2019 

Dear Valued Customer, 

Your business is important to us, and we take your information privacy seriously. Recently, we became aware of an information security incident involving a CenturyLink third-party vendor. As a result, information about customers was inadvertently made publicly accessible online, including name, address, phone number, email address and CenturyLink account number. Our initial investigation has determined that no financial, password or similar sensitive information was involved. 

What steps has CenturyLink taken? 
As soon as we became aware of the security issue potentially exposing your contact information, CenturyLink mobilized an internal team led by our Chief Security Officer. We have worked with the vendor to ensure that it implements additional security measures designed to prevent similar incidents and have taken additional steps to safeguard your information.  
What should you do to protect yourself? 
As noted above, this incident resulted from vendor error and did not involve sensitive information, but there are measures that you can take to improve protection of your data. We’ve provided a list of suggestions for you on our website at , including tips regarding how to identify fraudulent attempts to contact you via email or phone, good password practices, and resetting devices routinely to make sure software is updated. 

This site also includes FAQs and ways to contact CenturyLink for additional information. You can also call us at  888-595-7750

We know these types of incidents can be concerning or even frustrating. We appreciate the trust you put in us by sharing your information with us, and we are committed to making our security measures as strong as possible to safeguard that information. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause. Thank you for being a CenturyLink customer. 


Maxine Moreau 
President, Consumer Markets 

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CenturyLink 7 months 3 weeks ago #9

CenturyLink will sell you a modem for $100.  Based on available facilities, there are two different speeds available in the park at the same price.  I had the slow speed the first year with them (fast enough to stream) and the faster speed the second year.

While I had no problem with the actual service, I did get into a nasty battle with them this summer after suspending my service at their request.  The service rep told me that the charges would be waived if I suspended the service instead of disconnecting it like I wanted. I then received a bill for suspended service a month after the suspension had started. When I called to question the bill, a second rep verified that the notes from my first call did state that the first service rep had told me she would waive all of the charges, and he again confirmed that the charges would be waived.  The second rep stated the bill had a charge on it because they bill a month ahead and it would automatically be adjusted. 

After we returned from boating, I discovered that I had been billed $35 (plus other add on fees) each month for the suspension of service (with late charges.)  Their position in August, however, was that there was nothing they could do about the charges because the first two service reps shouldn't have told me they would waive the charges because it was against company policy.  I would just have to pay the bill.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  They told me the floor supervisor would call back within a week.

After not receiving a call back for a month, I called again and was forwarded to the retention department who again verified that everything I had stated was accurate, and in the account notes.  She said to keep me as a customer they would waive the suspension charges (doing me a favor by doing what they had said they were going to do in the beginning.)  It appears that charges were finally waived and removed from my bill.

I will restore my service with them this year, but I will never again suspend the service--I will disconnect it like I wanted to last year.

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CenturyLink 7 months 3 weeks ago #10

Thinking of going with CenturyLink this season and want to buy vs rent the router.  Can anyone tell me what they are using in the park to hook up to CenturyLink?  


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