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Activity Calendar Help


  • To access the Activity Calendar, Click on Activity Calendar in the Top Menu.

  • The category color is displayed with each event.
  • To go to the next (or previous) month (monthly calendar), week (weekly calendar) or day (daily calendar,) Click on the the single arrows (forward/previous.)
  • To go to the next (or previous) year (monthly calendar) or month (weekly & daily calendar). Click on the double arrows (forward/previous.)
  • The day and time of the event are displayed in a popup when the cursor is held over the event on the monthly calendar.


    The popup title background is the color of the event's category.
  • To view event details, Click on a listed event.
  • To list events from only one category, Click on a Categories in the Category Legend.

  • To change to a weekly calendar, Click on the See by week icon.

  • To change to a daily calendar, Click on the See Today icon.

  • To jump to a specific month, Click on the Jump to month icon.

    Select the month and/or year you want to jump to in the drop down box.

  • To return to the monthly view from another view. Click on the See by Month icon.
  • Hint: Since Riverside has lots of activities:
    Click on a category in the Category Legend below the calendar to only display that category's events.

Special Events List
  • Upcoming Special Events are listed on the left side off the Homepage and Activity Calendar webpage.
  • For event details, click on a listed event.
Today's Events
  • A list of Today's events is displayed on the Activities webpage.

  • For event details, click on a listed event.
Mini Activity Calendar
  • A Mini Activity Calendar is located on the Activities webpage.

  • To list the activities for a given day, click on the date.
  • For event details, click on the listed event in the day's list.

Event information is updated throughout the year as more information becomes available.