Snowbird Forum Help

  1. Forum Tabs
  2. Categories
  3. Reading a Post
  4. Replying to a Post
  5. Creating a New Topic
  6. Text Editor
  7. Formatting Codes
  8. Editing Your Own Posts
  9. Finding New Posts and Notifications
  10. Sticky and Locked Topics
  11. Opening and Closing Sections
  12. Profile
  13. Forum Settings


The Riverside Snowbirds' Forum provides a place for Riverside snowbirds to share information and ask questions. Since you are reading this page you probably already know basic website navigation so that will not be covered here. In this help document we will try to familiarize you with how to use the forum and its many options. You enter the Forum by clicking on Forum in the Top Menu.


When you enter the forum you will see a row of tabs at the top.

      • Index. Displays a list of the forum's categories.
      • Recent Topics. Displays Topics with activity during the period indicated (settable in the drop down box at the top).
      • My Topics. (logged in users only) Displays the user's topics.
      • New Topic. (logged in users only) Displays a screen to create a post in a new topic.
      • Profile. (logged in users only) Displays the use's profile.
      • Guidelines. Displays the Guidelines governing the forum's use.
      • Help. Displays Quick Help on how to reply to a post and post a new message.
      • Search. Displays a screen to Search the forum for keywords, users or posts


Posts are placed in categories based on their subject matter.


  • Categories are arranged in Sections (i.e., 'Park News' in located in the 'Riverside' Section.)
  • Categories are selected in one of the following ways:

1. clicking the the categories name.
2. selecting the category in the drop down box above the list of categories.