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 Printing the online Activity Calendar

The printed Activity Calendar becomes outdated as soon as it's printed.  This year because many coordinators are not coming back, and many locations are not yet available, the problem is greater than usual.  If you prefer to have a printed copy of the Activity Calendar, the best way to obtain one is to print the online Activity Calendar each week.  Since the online Activity Calendar is updated with changes as soon as they are submitted, the weekly calendar you print will be current to the time you print it.  The calendar on the website will contain last minute changes made during the week.


 Select the "Show by Week" button (and if you need a future week use the advance arrow until the right week is displayed.)


 Click the calendar icon in the top/right corner.


A formatted for printing version of the weekly Activity Calendar will be displayed.  Click the print icon in the top/right corner and print as you would any other document.