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Photo Gallery Help

The Snowbird Photo Gallery provides Riverside Snowbirds a place to view and share pictures (both Riverside related and personal.) Click on Photo Gallery in the Top menu to enter the Photo Gallery.

Pictures are organized in Categories (similar to Albums.)

When your enter the Photo Gallery, the main categories of the Gallery are displayed.

Clicking on one of the main categories will display a thumbnail for any picture or sub-category in the category.

  • A random picture is displayed in the thumbnail if there are pictures in the category or sub-category.
    (A folder icon may be randomly displayed if there is a category or sub-category without pictures.)


  • Sub-Categories can be recognized by a small folder icon  under the thumbnail—it displays 'sub category' when the cursor is held over it. Image thumbnails have detail and download icons instead of the folder icon (see images below.)
  • Categories can be selected by clicking on the their thumbnail.
  • Categories can also be selected from the Photo Gallery Tree on the left side of the page. Click '+' or '-' to open and close categories.

When a Category is selected:

  • A medium sized thumbnail of each Image and/or Sub Category is displayed.

Category thumbnail Image thumbnail

  • There may be multiple pages of thumbnails.

♦  The number of thumbnails displayed on a page can be set with the 'Display Num' drop down box.
♦  If there is more than one page, paging buttons will be displayed.

  • Clicking the gray left arrow (back) moves to the parent category.

  • Pictures can be downloaded to your computer by using the small download icon .
  • Clicking on an Image thumbnail opens a window displaying a larger version of the picture.


  • Clicking on left and right arrow icons will display the next (or previous) picture on the current
  • The arrows will only display pictures on the current page (i.e., if Display Num is set to 20 and
    there are 50 pictures in the category, you will only see the first 20.) If you want to see all of
    the pictures in the current category, you have to either page through the category or change
    Display Num to 'All' (or a number that displays all of the images in the category.)
  • Clicking on the 'X' icon in the upper right corner of the picture will close the image window.