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Creating a New Sub-Category

Click the Category tab to create a new Sub-Category under the current category.

  • Be sure you are in the Category that you want your new Sub-Category to be a child of.
  • Enter the new Sub-Categories name.
  • Click on the Create Sub-Category button.
  • Optionally, you can add a category description.
  • Once you have created the new Sub-Category, you can use the Upload tab to upload pictures to it (see above.).
  • Note: once you upload pictures, they are available immediately for others to view.

By default, Categories (and sub Categories) are owned by individual users.

  • Initially, no one else can upload pictures to a new category you create.
  • Important: the site administrator may rearrange pictures and Categories to place pictures in more appropriate Categories.
    • Since you are limited in the number of categories you can own, send a message to the System Admin to remove it from your ownership and allow other users to upload to the new sub-category.
    • The administrator will modify the permissions to allow all registered users to upload to it.
  • If you want your Category or images modified in any way, contact the System Admin.