Photo Gallery Help

The Snowbird Photo Gallery provides Riverside Snowbirds a place to view and share pictures (both Riverside related and personal.) Click on Photo Gallery in the Top menu to enter the Photo Gallery.

Pictures are organized in Categories (similar to Albums.)

When your enter the Photo Gallery, the main categories of the Gallery are displayed.

Clicking on one of the main categories will display a thumbnail for any picture or sub-category in the category.

When a Category is selected:

Category thumbnail Image thumbnail

♦  The number of thumbnails displayed on a page can be set with the 'Display Num' drop down box.
♦  If there is more than one page, paging buttons will be displayed.


Adding Pictures and creating new categories in the Photo Gallery

When you are logged in, a box with three tabs is displayed under the current category's pictures if you have permission to upload pictures or create sub-categories in the current Category. If the box with tabs is not available, it may be because the System Admin has not yet opened up the category for uploads. The can be resolved with a quick message to the System Admin.

Adding pictures to an Existing Category one at a time

Click the Upload tab to upload images to the Photo Gallery one at a time.

From the Upload area you can upload new pictures to the selected Category one at a time.

Adding multiple pictures to an Existing Category at the same time

Click the Multiple Upload tab to upload multiple images to the Photo Gallery at the same time.

Creating a New Sub-Category

Click the Category tab to create a new Sub-Category under the current category.

By default, Categories (and sub Categories) are owned by individual users.