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Website Problems and Help

  1. Display Size
  2. Image orientation wrong (iPad/iPhone)
  3. Remeber Me
  4. Scripting blocked & website controls do not work or items do not display (Firefox, Internet Explorer & Chrome)
  5. Downloading the Directory file with an iPad/iPhone

If you are having any other problems, please contact the Website Admins.

 Display Size

Increasing/decreasing the size of the display in your browser:

  • Control +/- holding the CTRL (Control) button while depressing the '+'/'-' keys increases/decreases the display of everything displayed on the webpage (including images.) Everything on the page changes size, and the change remains in effect on that website after you leave the current page. This works with all browsers and websites.

Text size can be changed permanently for all webpages in the settings of your browser.

Image orientation wrong (iPad/iPhone)

There is a bug (feature?) in iPad/iPhone browsers that displays some website images rotated and distorted (this occurs on all websites, not just this one).

The distorted images with the wrong orientation display properly with Mac, PC, and Android browsers.

When an image is uploaded to a website with the wrong orientation, it's orientation is corrected so that the image appears correctly on the website. However, the iPad/iPhone browser ignores the orientation set by the website and looks inside the image's EXIF data (if it exists) to see what the orientation of the image originally was instead of using the corrected orientation set by the website.

At this time, the only way to resolve this issue is to remove the EXIF information from the image. Compression programs and EXIF stripping programs do this.

Until the bug is fixed, you may continue to experience this problem with iPads/iPhone browsers (on all websites, not just this one.) Apple is aware of this problem (feature.)  Mac's display the orientation properly.

Remember Me


Checking the Remember Me check box will place a cookie on your computer that will allow you to automatically log in the next time you go to the website without having to enter any information. For Remember Me to work, you must not log out when you are done. Your current session will time out and you will be logged off automatically. If you log off, Remember Me will be canceled and you will have to log in the next time you access the website.

Scripting blocked & controls do not work or items do not display (Firefox, Internet Explorer & Chrome)

As with just about all websites, some features of the Snowbirds' website (both navigation and display) require scripting to be enabled on your browser. If part of the website appears not to be be functioning properly, check the scripting setting of your browser. (Note: JavaScript is not related to Java in any way except that they both have the word 'Java' in their name. While JavaScript is used by most websites, we recommend that Java never be enabled in your browsers.)

Instructions for enabling JavaScript in your browser

Downloading the Directory file with an iPad/iPhone

The process of downloading the Riverside Snowbird Directory to an iPad or iPhone is not as straightforward as it is with other devices, but it can be done. Click the following link for more information:

Downloading the Snowbird Directory to iPhone/iPad